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September 2016

Europlacement is an idea promoted by CERES to give continuity to "Leonardo TOI" project of international cooperation which was selected by the European Commission among the best transfer of innovation projects for the year 2008 that concerned the development of skills for needs of the labor market.

Europlacement, in fact, explores aspects of mobility in different European countries and identifies tools to promote the employment of young people in the labor market.
In particular, Europlacement offers the opportunity for students and trainees, to carry out work experience within CERES or in institutions and companies, both Italian and foreign.

Europlacement collaborates with major European partners such Oneco e Tellus, involved in the promotion of stages, and has within it a young and trained staff always attentive to changes and opportunities in education and the labor market.


Europlacement employs a young and dynamic staff, always attentive to the opportunities available to young people in the field of training and personal and professional growth. Read more